Lemon water, slimming tea, are they effective?


Losing weight and staying fit has become one of the major concerns especially among the youths. There are several remedies to this challenge; Many have changed their diets to achieve this aim, others hit the gym and a few have changed their lifestyles. For some, taking in a weight loss pill or tea is the right way to go. In this article, we will mainly discuss lemon water and several slimming teas on the market.

Lemon water

Lemon water is simply lemon and water. The drink can either be hot or cold. You can begin your day with warm lemon water that has been imbibed with natural ingredients and flavours. The rest can be kept in the fridge and sipped throughout the day with the addition of ice cubes.

To prepare lemon water, you will need first need your lemon and pure(clean) water. There are other ingredients added to boost its effectiveness and flavour.  The other ingredients will include slices of fresh ginger, mints, cinnamon, drops of honey and turmeric. Other ingredients such as slices of cucumber or even citrus fruits such as oranges and limes can be added. It is better to use fresh products as compared to artificial ones. Due to this, every ingredient used must be thoroughly washed to get rid of germs.

To gain any health benefits of lemon water, it has to be taken consistently. Below are some health benefits of lemon:

1. It promotes hydration

Water is life because our body needs it as a medium to transfer substances around the body. It hydrates the human skin. It is recommended that each person drinks about 10-15 glasses of water a day. For most of us, that is too much because water is tasteless. For such people, taking lemon water will help to achieve this goal since lemon water is mostly made up of water.

2. It is a good source of Vitamin C

The benefits of vitamin C cannot be overstated. It is incredibly important first to the immune system which helps it ward off many infections as well as the physical body. Taking lemon water helps to provide some of the daily vitamin C your body needs to function. Even though lemon does not provide the largest vitamin C, it is still a good source.

3. It improves the skin

Vitamin C gained from drinking lemon water helps to protect the skin against wrinkles, against the sun’s harmful radiation. In addition to vitamin C, the water from the drink prevents the skin from drying.

4. Aids digestion

Drinking lemon water together with all the other ingredients present can help with digestion and prevent constipation.

5. It freshens breath

Having good breath is important and can go a long way to affect your day. Drinking lemon water in the morning can kickstart this fresh breath.  Lemon is thought to stimulate saliva and water also helps prevent a dry mouth, which can lead to bad breath caused by bacteria.

Lemon water can be taken during the day after ingesting foods with strong odours like garlic, etc.

6. Prevent kidney stones

The citric acid generated from lemon drink contains citrate which makes urine less acidic and may end up breaking small stones. The water obtained will help flush these stones out of the body.

Now to the most important, does lemon water help with weight loss? The answer is yes! But probably not in the way you imagined.

Researchers discovered that antioxidants present in lemons reduced weight loss in mice that were overfed to induce obesity.

This is yet to be proven in humans but it is indicative among those who take lemon drink that it indeed works. Also, simply taking more lemon water makes your tummy full which prevents you from taking in extra diet or sugar.

There are some side effects such as wearing of the enamel of the teeth. Too much acid from the drink can cause the enamel to erode, this can be reduced by using a straw.
Others may experience heartburns whilst others use this to relieve heartburns. You can only tell its effect on the body by trying it.

Slimming tea

Teas are taken by millions of people around the world. There is no doubt that tea is significantly healthy for the body against infections and even treating them. The question is, do these teas help with weight loss?

Teas contain some substances termed flavanoids. The type of flavonoids found in teas is called catechins which boost metabolism and help your body to break down fats more quickly. Also, the caffeine in teas increases your energy use and allows you to do extra activities which will end up burning more calories. These two are the only ways in which any weight loss may occur.

This is good news to people but the truth is that it is not enough to make you lose weight and look like something else. Taking lemon water has a greater chance than some of these teas.

Tea can be used probably after a person loses weight and wants to maintain it. This is because the catechins present will increase the rate of metabolism and prevent you from gaining new weight.

Some of the most common and effective teas include:

1. Black tea

This is the type of tea that is usually served in Chinese restaurants and used to make iced tea. Research shows that this type of tea blocked fats from being absorbed in the intestines when experimented on rats. Adding milk to the black tea might reduce this function from occurring.

2. Green tea

This type contains the highest level of catechins and is particularly useful for those wanting to gain weight. In an experiment performed, people who took green-tea lost about 3 pounds over 3 months. If a person wants to achieve this same goal, the individual must drink about 7-8 cups of green tea every day as performed in the experiment. It hardly happens but some high doses of these extracts can cause liver damage.

3. Oolong tea

This particular tea is high in catechins and can increase the weight loss process.

4. White tea

This may provide the least in terms of weight loss.

Teas are incredibly healthy for the body as taking them can prevent diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and maybe cancer.

Even though they contain chemicals that can aid with the weight loss process, they are insignificant. They cannot cause you to become slim or lean by just taking them every day without making any lifestyle changes in your diets, exercise and others.


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