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‌Lovemaking or sex no matter how it is called is essential to the survival and continuation of life. Lovemaking must be done in such a way that impressions of good memories are left in the minds of the parties involved. Aside from the numerous benefit of lovemaking, enjoying a moment of sexual pleasure where all that matters is pleasure, orgasm, and a sensation to have it more and more is the number one goal. On the other hand, stress is very opposite to the attributes used to describe lovemaking. Stress is a build of emotional, psychological or physical tension in the body. No one wants to be stressed hence the sharp contrast between the two.


Sex is the process of inserting an erected penis into the vagina of a female for the reasons of procreation, the satisfaction of sexual desires and releasing of stress. Romance precedes sex. Romance is a stage in love, making where the two parties involved make themselves ready for sex. These two processes are collective called lovemaking.                                                              

Stress is the body's reaction to negative situations whether real or perceived. These occurrences are preceded by a chemical reaction in the body, characterized by an increase in heartbeat, increase in breath, increase in blood pressure and general inactiveness. There are many ways to let go of stress, but we will dive into how stress can the reduced or eliminated through lovemaking.


Lovemaking is one of the happiest moments in life. When the true experience of the situation is felt, it implants memories of actual satisfaction and moment of true love. The process is backed by several hormonal and physical movements in and on the body of the opposite sex. Scientifically, sexual pleasure in males is triggered by a hormone call testosterone produced in the testicles of an adult male. this hormone brings about all the secondary characteristics in males. It also makes them see the beauty in ladies and are attracted to them for sexual satisfaction since the two has compatible sex organs.

Females, on the other hand, have two main sexual hormones that control their sexual affairs. The first is estrogen, This is the primary sex hormone that controls the development of secondary sexual characteristics in adolescent girls. Enlargement of breast and vagina, fresh and oily skin and the feelings of attraction to the opposite sex are examples of what estrogen does. The second hormone is progesterone, which is responsible for the pregnancy and the production of breast milk in ladies. scientifically, these hormones work like the two poles of a magnet. Like hormones repel each other, that is why two ladies repel each other the same as the gents. But unlike poles attracts that is why a guy and a lady will feel an attractive force for each other.


The process of lovemaking is physical but it is controlled by hormones masterminded by the brain. This process starts when both agree to make love together. At this stage, the mind is ready to release the respective hormones for their jobs. It mostly starts by kissing and touching. at this stage, both sexes start to release theirs in build sexual feelings. This is done when parties press their lips against each other romantically and affectionately. It is accompanied by touching and a press of sexual sensitive sports of the opposite sex. With these the male gently press the breast, belly part, vaginal part, hair, and another sensitive part which will be noticed as the process goes on. On the other hand, the lady also has a strong feeling to touch the chest region and play and massage the penis romantically all to increase the sexual pleasure of the partner‌.

In the process, both partners will give a recoil of sexual satisfaction by either producing romantic sounds or be moving there in the academic direction of the touches. The lady starts to release a fluid called vaginal fluid, when this happens we say the lady is wet. This fluid shows the lady is enjoying the moment and is getting ready for sex. As the process moves to the climax more and more of the vaginal fluid is released and the lady became strong sexually be weak physically. The male mostly is in charge of the process, he does most of the touching. As he touches, see and press the soft, moist and romantic body of the lady, he gets his share of satisfaction. The penis gets erected in the process. The penis becomes strong, standing and ever ready to break into the vaginal opening of the lady which at this point is ever ready. Something there is kissing of the breast and vagina by the guy will the lady also work the penis all is done to increase pleasure for the sex      At this point, both parties forget about anything thing that has ever happen and all that matters the enjoying moment.


During sex, the man inserts the erected penis into the vagina o the lady. The process is characterized by the partial removal and penetration of the penis in the vagina. At this time the tip of the penis which is the most sensitive part of the male reproductive system scratch the partially rough lining of the vaginal wall. These lead to the production of heat at the point of contact. The process continues even as the removal and the reinsertion goes faster. Breaks come in between for relaxation even kissing, touching and vaginal stimulation continues unabatedly. The process continues with increasing sexual feelings to a point that the man could not hold it any longer but release a thick whitish fluid into the vagina of the lady. As at the time this fluid called sperm is coming, it marks the climax of the whole process.


After this moment of sexual satisfaction and pleasure is near completion, a lot of mental, physical and psychological changes occurs this make parties involved relieved and feel less burdened.

IMPORTANCE OF SEX AND LOVEMAKING                                                         1. It eliminates stress from the human body, by triggering the mind to releases  good feeling hormonal wave that washes the system of stress build-up.                     2. Closely related to stress release, good sex and lovemaking enhance good sleep. An enzyme called prolactin is released which is responsible for the feeling of relaxation and sleepiness.                                                                                                     3. Reduce the rate of occurrence of prostate cancer.                                                         4. Orgasm help Reduce pain, almost effective as the use of paracetamol.                  5. It is a very good form of exercise.                                                                                     6. Lower the risks of a heart attack.                                                                                        7. Lower blood pressure.                                                                                                         8. Help keep a healthy immune system.


In the past, the process of lovemaking was seen as having only a reproductive function. But now, in our modern-day scientific and civilization era, we have come to realize that lovemaking has a lot to provide beyond reproduction.

SEX AND LOVEMAKING is a very good source of natural medicine which help promote fitness, confidence and happy life.

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