Personal hygiene and sexual health

Sex is pleasurable. In fact, sexual activity is important because it boosts the immune system. However, engaging in sexual activity with someone who does not practice personal hygiene can be a nightmare.


Sex is pleasurable. In fact, sexual activity is important because it boosts the immune system. However, engaging in sexual activity with someone who does not practice personal hygiene can be a nightmare.

In this article, we delve into some personal hygiene practices that can boost sexual satisfaction and ultimately improve your mental health. Let’s get started.

The world health organization defines sexual health as a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality, and not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity. It simply refers to the ability to enjoy sexuality.  Sexuality is the capacity for sexual feelings. There are several factors that can affect sexuality such as medicines that affect sexual performance, sexually transmitted diseases, diseases such as cancer, and so on. In this article, we will consider personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene refers to how you care for your body. People will perform basic personal hygiene such as bathing and brushing their teeth but neglect some vital and essential parts. Personal hygiene involves both males and females. There are some that are general to both males and females but others that are specific to each gender due to the differences in anatomy (body structure).

General personal hygiene in both males and females

1. Head/Hair

This may seem insignificant but only a few know how it imparts sexuality. Smelly hair can even reduce sexual appetite. Men mostly have short hair and are regularly washing them so rarely experience smelly hair. Females, on the other hand, have long hairs or braids that can go weeks without washing them. As a female, especially among those who keep their natural hair, it is crucial that you wash your hair at least once a week. Wigs have become common because they are more convenient: Before you put on a wig, make sure you wash the hair underneath first. Also, don’t fold the wigs and keep them in a dark corner just to prevent dust.

During sexual activity, some people like to play with the hair, if yours smells bad, it will just be a turnoff and your partner might find an excuse to postpone the act.

2. Face

The face comprises the eyes, mouth, nose, and even ears.

There is not much to discuss the eyes when it comes to personal hygiene and nose, not so with the mouth and ears.


The ear is one of the sensitive parts of the body. Many people forget to clean their ears, especially behind them. Dirt can collect behind your ears and with time begin to create an unusual smell.

Remember to clean your ears, especially before a sexual act to enhance sexual pleasure during the foreplay.


The mouth is such an important part of sexual activity. Kissing involves contact of lips and exchange of saliva involves the mouth. The worst that can happen is when your partner has a mouth odor. Mouth odor also termed halitosis has a lot of factors. The basic one has to do with unclean teeth and tongue. The normal color of the teeth and tongue is white and red respectively. Some people may not have them from birth due to genetics and that is normal. Aging causes discoloration of these parts no matter how hard you try. Nevertheless, it is important, especially sexually active individuals who are normally young to brush their teeth and clean their tongue at least twice a day. Kindly tap on the link - to read more on halitosis.

It is recommended to change your toothbrush every three months but in reality, some toothbrushes even spoil before the time is due. Change your brush regularly. Floss your teeth to remove food surplus that remains stuck in between your teeth or rinse your mouth with clean water if you cannot afford to floss. If your tongue is white, then you are getting close to a bad breath. Try as much as possible to clean your tongue, some people forget to do that while brushing. Some companies have invented tongue scrapers that can clean the tongue better than a normal toothbrush. You can get them at some pharmacies and supermarkets.

A clean and fresh mouth will boost sexuality.

3. Fingers and feet

Surprised? Well, the fingers are very important. Long fingers trap germs and they can transfer germs into the body during sexual acts. Keep the nails short and clean or wash the long nails regularly, especially before a sexual act. It applies to both males and females.

Some people lick the feet of their partners during sexual acts. A smelly or stinky foot will bring it to a halt before it even begins. This is why it is necessary to take care of the feet especially spaces in between the toes as it is a favorable place for fungal growth.

4. Pubic hairs on the armpit and private parts

Sweat is one of the most difficult things to deal with and bushy hairs make it worse. This is why:

The sweat glands are found throughout the skin but are abundant in areas such as the scalp of the hair, the armpits, and the groins. Sweat glands excrete sweat from inside the body to the outside via the pores on the skin. Because pubic hair grows in the armpit and groins, the hairs will accumulate and hold the moisture(sweat) making you pit out faster.

Some may argue that deodorant or antiperspirant can reduce it. That may be true but bushy hair will prevent the antiperspirant or deodorant from touching the surface of the skin. When this happens, sweat will be produced and the deodorant which is trapped by the hair will together give an awful smell. That is why it is important to trim your pubic hair or keep it short, especially at the groin.

Personal hygiene specific to females

Cleaning of some body parts

Females must get time to clean or wash the bottom part of their mammary glands(breast), especially for individuals whose breasts are bigger. Females must clean the nipples as it can trap tiny bits of fabric. The navel should also be cleaned with soap and water.

Females must NOT use any feminine wash or soap to clean their private parts, only water should be used. This is because those products will wash the private part but will end up clearing some good bacteria which prevents bad bacteria and other infections from occurring.

Furthermore, females must always clean their vagina after urinating. They have to wipe it from top to bottom to prevent contaminating the place with infections from the anus. It is the same reason why females must wear panties that have the inner cloth not extending to the anus.

Personal hygiene specific to males

Unlike females, males must use soap and water to clean their private parts.


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